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Kent Twelve ANGLED EYE BROW BRUSH Eyebrow Grooming Tame/Tidy Eyebrows/Brows TWMU1
Part Number or Barcode: 5011637002157
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Kent Twelve ANGLED EYE BROW BRUSH Eyebrow Grooming Tame/Tidy Eyebrows/Brows TWMU1

Kent Twelve Black & Taupe Handled Angled Eyebrow Groomer Brush For Tidying Eye Brows

Shape, sculpt and tame your brows with Kent's Angled Brow Brush, a synthetic bristled make up tool designed to apply and blend eyebrow powder, cream, ges and wax. The hard angled brush is perfect for applying colour, allowing you to shape and define with precision. Use to define or add 'fill'. Its precise angled tip provides pro-style application.

Use this high quality Kent Angled Eyebrow Brush to apply colour and definition to your eye brow. Defining your eyebrows will help you better define the beauty of your natural features or enhance your natural look to your liking.

The Kent Angled Eyebrow Brush is perfect for applying your desired eyebrow colour and smoothing your eyebrows in to shape so that the individual hairs fall where you want them to.

As a result you can get perfectly defined yet natural looking brows to enhance and compliment your features.

Directions of use:
-- For a balanced result view your whole face at arms length during application
-- Use the brush to apply colour and definition to your eyebrow
-- Apply colour to the arch of your eyebrow first to ensure even application and balance
-- Lightly feather in the colour to 'fill' the brow for a complete look

Unless otherwise stated in the product description, the manufacturers advise that this item is not suitable for children under the age of 8 due to small parts and/or safety regulations. Spray paints, bladed goods, chemicals and glues are not suitable for those under the age of 18 - by purchasing these items you affirm that you are aged 18 or over.


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